The year is 3092. Robots have taken over the human race. Humans are still around as long as they're useful to the robots. You play as two workers in a robot manufacturing plant. Maintain efficiency in order to build the most robots and please your robot overlords! Play by yourself for a challenge or team up with a friend!

• Items will queue up on the right side of the screen.
• Use the Climber to push the corresponding button to drop the item out of a pneumatic tube.
• Use the runner to catch the item in the cart.
• Bring the cart to the pneumatic tube at the left side of the screen.
• Throw the item in the tube.

W / S – Climb Ladder
A / D – Slide Ladder
Space – Push Button
Left Arrow / Right Arrow – Push Cart
Up Arrow – Throw Item In Cart
P – Next Music Track
ESC – Quit

• You can carry as many items in your cart as you want, but having over 3 will begin to slow the runner down.
• Items can bounce off of the Climber's head, but they will daze the Runner.
• Items that hit the ground or the Runner's head will count as an accident and reset your efficiency multiplier.

Play the game in fullscreen mode!